100 Days of Code - 2021 Edition

A few years ago I did the 100 Days of Code challenge. It was extremely rewarding and I was very pleased with how much my devlelopment skills improved during that time. I did not, however, complete the 100 days, but I do believe I made it into the 50’s. Edit: I made it to day 14, that’s embarassing.

100 Days from the end of the year happens to be 9/22, which is also the day I get back from vacation. Something about that seems poetic, but also unlikely since we will be driving 13.5 hours that day. So, I will start my 100 Days of code on 9/23, which makes Day 100 the first day of 2022.

I have a few projects that have been burning a hole in the back of my mind for a while now:

  • Tapes
  • Spectare Video (which I worked on last time)
  • Neutron Air Quality Platform

Neutron will require me to also begin working on the hardware for the Air Quality Platform, so I’ll probably save that one for later in the year, 2022. Spectare Video would solve a major headache at our house, as we’re extremely displeased with all of the surveillance platforms out there, but it just isn’t all that interesting to me right now. Then there’s Tapes.

Tapes has been a huge focus for me in the last year, as I’ve wanted to double down on my Live Music archive and really work on making some improvements there. I think I could probably extend Beets for the library management portion of it, but I’ll need to write a wrapper around it, create a database layer to store SHA hashes and file metadata, write a health checker for the library, build a UI, and several other things.

Tapes is my most fleshed out project and the one I’m most passionate about, so I think I’ll start 100 Days of Code there. In the meantime, I’ll be setting up my git repo (moving to self hosted on NixOS), as well as scoping out the project a bit more. Keep an eye out for more details leading up to the challenge.