Day 13: Neutron

I spent some time today thinking about the actual company that would be wrapped around Neutron, Kilo Green. I’ll eventually talk more about this, but I am working with a friend to actually form the company over the next couple of months. We will be first tackling distributed air quality testing, including Radon, assuming I can source a good sensor to work with. I have a lead on a sensor, but am terribly concerned that they won’t be able to meet my size requirements, which will cause me to have to look at other options for the case.

In the meantime, I will be looking into the Radon certification process for the state of Ohio, as well as the surrounding states. We have an interesting business model in mind which should allow us to bootstrap pretty quickly.

I also took some time to write down some thoughts on profit sharing and how the actual company would work once wwe start incorporating and expanding - which assumes we’d be fortunate enough to do such a thing.

Anyways, it felt good to do some thinking that was more about the company instead of about the product. I’m waiting for a fresh primary housing to print, then I’ll be able to move on to some other printing projects unrelated to Neutron. I’m hoping that my brain will want to work on software again tomorrow, but who knows.

I have a few other items on the way, namely a grove hat for my Pi, and a few other items. This should allow me to test the Grove products to see if they work out better than soldering everything manually. This would allow other people to assist in assembling the kits, without worrying about hardware quality and bad solder jobs (I’m not great at soldering either!).