Day 6: Neutron

It’s becoming clear that this is less about writing code and more about spending 100 Days working on a passion project of mine. So instead, I’m just going to be referring to this time as “100 Days” instead of “100 Days of Code”.

Over the next months I’ll need to do the following:

  • Build first two test units, run in office and my sons room to collect data
  • Build dashboards and automation around them (for each customer)
  • Build kilo.green website
  • Build additional units so I have a 12 Unit kit ready for testing
  • Do full-scale 12 Unit test on my house
  • Do full-scale 12 Unit test on my neighbor’s house
  • Design leave behind PDF
  • Come up with in-person assessment items to check off after leave behind test

A “full-scale” test would be a full deployment across all rooms in a house, including basement and garage, for a period of 10 days. Extended tests could be done out to 30 days as well.

Today I finished the Mark I design of the lid. Once my second base finishes printing, I’ll start the lid. I’m sure I’ll have some alignment issues. There are still some printing oddities, which I’m hoping with my brother’s help tomorrow we can iron them out.