Day 3: Neutron

No code today, today was all about getting the 3D printer up and going. I managed to get my first print completed and was mostly underwhelmed with it. Lots of tweaking and babysitting of the first layer later and it looks like I’ve got a nice smooth even bottom layer for my next revision.

First, I thought I was going to have two separate pieces make up the Pelican case insert, but after some re-design, it looks like I can have a pretty effective setup using one large piece and then a second piece for the “lid”. Here’s a rendering of the new main piece for a Pelican 1150 Case.

Pelican 1150 Base

My very rudimentary 3D design skills seem to be sufficient enough to do this. We’ll see how well I do once I have to start building the lid, with vents and air intakes/exhausts.

That’s all for now, more once the new base finishes printing.