December 29, 2019

If there is one thing that I can take away from 2019 about myself, it’s that I was far from thankful enough. I want to focus on just two things in the New Year: Health and Happiness.

It’s no secret to a lot of people near me that my wife suffered some fairly serious health concerns in 2019. We’re hoping that we’re through the worst of them and we’re bound and determine to make lifestyle changes necessary to improve the situation. First on the list of lifestyle changes was getting our diet under control. I could stand to lose some weight and the doctors are telling us to switch to a Gluten Free diet for my wife. So we’re switching our diet to be primarily Paleo, slightly modified to meet any requirements she might have. In addition to that, we’ve started to distill our water, because we have concerns of the extra estrogen in the water from pharmaceuticals (Excess estrogen makes my wife’s symptoms get significantly worse).

I’ll be hitting the pavement more this year, as I’m training for a Half-Marathon in April. I want to lose this gut, feel better, and start working on checking off some items on my Bucket List, notably a Full Marathon. I’m hoping that if the Half-Marathon goes well I’ll be able to throw a few down weeks in between then begin training for the Full Marathon.

I want to read more than I watch TV in 2020. I want to focus on building a regular meditation practice. I want to smile more and listen better to those around me. I want people to know that they’re heard when they talk to me.

Most notably, I want to find a way to give back in 2020. I’m not sure where that will be quite yet, but I know I want to focus on improving the environment - even if it’s something as simple as collecting trash.

We all have just a handful of decades on this planet, I’m going to start using mine to focus on other people, rather than just myself.