I’m a music hoarder. I try to hoard every live audio recording I come across, some bootlegs, and other things. I am a part of a music hoarding group, that works together to ensure these items are catalogued and preserved.

I have several hoarding projects going on, which I will release here as I complete them.

Note: In order to access them, you will need to reach out to me in order to receive the directions and access creds. archive AT this domain. Please put in the body of the email the list of archives you would like access to. Asking for access to all of them is a massive undertaking and not one that I will fulfill as each archive is uploaded using a different encryption key.

All of my archives are stored offline on external hard drives in Pelican Cases, as well as online in an encrypted format. Multiple members of the music hoarding group I’m a part of also have replica copies of most of these archives.

The Archives

Coming Soon

Archiving In Progress