This CyberDeck is based on the awesome lisperati1000 design by @lisperati. I will be making a few modifications, primarily on the compute side of the house. A Raspberry Pi Zero just won’t cut it for any of my machines, so instead I decided that I will de-solder and remove the USB and Ethernet jacks off of a Raspberry Pi 4 and see if it will fit. I believe it will, but you can never be too certain. In addition to the Pi change, I also intend on fitting a BME680 sensor and make the second HDMI port available externally. If room permits, I’ll also panel mount a USB port.

I prefer not to boot my Pis with MicroSD cards since they perform terribly and fail often, so I will most likely install a Samsung Fit internally, the trick will be finding the space. My gut feeling is there will be some space under the keyboard to put either the Powerboost or the display controller, leaving room for some of the items I want to add.