brain dump


Daylight saving time is stupid. -all parents everywhere.

Booked two trips today and started planning a third. I don’t have very high hopes for the outcome of the midterm elections and neither does my wife, so we’re accelerating our plans for finding somewhere in Europe to move to. Hoping to spend a month there this summer, just need to figure out where. Eyeing The Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark.


Seriously pondering building a mini Corsi Rosenthal box using Noctua Fans and mini furnace filters. We would 3D print the frame, put in a Raspberry Pi Pico to control the box, and then add in a SCD-41/BME680 for air quality information.


Energy level at about 14% and I have a 60m meeting starting in 20 minutes, during which I will be cooking dinner for the family. I'd love it if we had some more support to help get us through times like these. I'm really freaking tired.

So I'm getting ready to start prototyping a storage device using the BlueField DPU. I've managed to get my hands on an early POC device we had custom made, called the Blue Whale. I'll be writing up a bit more about it in hte future. No one really needs to know about it since it was a single run of a few hundred of these devices, but at the same time, it'd be a shame if it wasn't catalogged on the world wide web. Also, while I was making room in my server rack for these two Blue Whales I made the decision that my old GridCase 2 will be the recipient of the motherboard from my Dell 7390 laptop. The display is borked on it, but overall it's still a really good machine. Originally I was going to go bonkers and put in an EPYC processor, but budget and time just aren't going to allow it.



I just want this sinus disaster to go away so I can do cool things like: breathe normally, sleep well, do yard work, etc. Is that too much to ask?

Man I'm exhausted. I haven't felt this wiped since Charlie was a newborn.

I've been back on my trello thing for a few weeks now. I have a column for each day of the week, Top of Mind (for the biggies, which are linked to smaller tasks), Backlog, and then a bunch of automations. So far, it's seeming to help me get stuff done. Every Monday, it clears the previous undone tasks by moving them to a column titled UNDONE, then creates a new one on Monday called Week Planning. I then sort through backlog and UNDONE and schedule my week according to what I think I can get done. I try to have one big hitter each day that will make me feel accomplished. It's basic, but it's working.


Somehow in the last hour my eye has turned into a gunky mess. What. The. Hell. Is. Happening. To. My. Body?

Day 947 of this sinus infection - it is not fucking right off.


I'm starting to understand Mastodon more, but I think I might be better served to spend more time focusing on my little corner of the web here, plus things I need to build. Maybe if I force myself out of the socials I'll get something built - for real.

Vacillating wildly between hot or cold is super fun... /s But seriously, fuck this sinus infection + cold that I've got going on.

Sometimes I wish we had bond villains instead of the billionaire villains we have that masquerade as good people.


Historically I’ve been terrible at 100 days of code, but last time I did it was before my ADHD diagnosis and treatment. I wonder how I’d do now?

What if, and I’m just spit balling here… what if we didn’t force every company to grow every quarter? Why can’t some companies just serve the market they have, at a reasonable price, instead of trying to figure out how to extract every last pound of flesh out of their customers that they can?

This sinus infection can fuck right off.

Finally ordered my Framework laptop yesterday, which I couldn't be more excited about. My T480s started refusing to boot, even after a fresh install of Ubuntu. The Framework is going to get the amazing encrypted amnesiatic setup that I love so much.

I don't think I want to replace Twitter with another social network. I think it's time to close that door and focus more on writing content just for me. More content like what I do here on the blog. More micro-content like this post. Worry less about engagement and more about ensuring that I'm putting out content that I like.

I’m definitely over being sick. This is for the birds. (No I don’t have the avian flu).


Well that really wasn't that hard. I really do like working with Jekyll.

Writing the logic in Jekyll to support this stream of consciousness, i'm not entirely sure how it'll end up looking.

So I'm going to try this whole stream of consciousness, micro-blogging thing on my website instead of filling twitter with my noise.