Career Change

October 28, 2019

If you’ve known me longer than my career at Nutanix, you know that I’m an engineer that loves to get in the weeds. I love to get to know a topic deeply, even if I do have many interests. I’ve been a Sales Engineer for Nutanix for 4 1/2 years now, focusing on State and Local Government, Education, where 90% of my time has been focused on building the territory, finding more customers, and designing solutions for those customers. The unfortunate side effect of building a business for 4+ years is you start to have fewer and fewer hours to dedicate to technology and knowing something deeply.

I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing any piece of our technology deeply for a few years now. I know our core well, but that’s a given working here and being a very early customer. At Nutanix we went from having one product when I started, to now having 12 hardware partners, and as of last count, 20 products. Yes, 20, so knowing everything deeply is just not possible.

I happened to attend an internal bootcamp targeted for our Storage Xpert team, where a coworker mentioned that our TME team was expanding. I honestly didn’t know a ton about how the team operated, but knew a few folks on the team. So I reached out and interviewed them. What I found was that the role seems purpose built for where my skillset currently lies, while also providing a huge chance to learn one specific product deeply. Once again, I can become that “T” shaped person that I crave to be.

So after a bunch of phone calls and back and forth, I can happily say that in December I’ll be joining the TME team as a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, majoring in Nutanix Objects and minoring in Nutanix Files. You’ll probably begin to see a lot of content on here regarding those two specific products.

All I can say is, it’ll be a breath of fresh air to focus on the tech again.