Content Not Architecture

January 01, 2020

This blog, in fact any website I’ve ever run, has been content light. I have spent so much of my time re-architecting the sites, rather than actually writing content.

This year, this blog, will be all about content. I’ll probably make some tweaks here and there with how the site is actually put together, but overall, I’ll be writing - mostly about the random things I’m working on.

For instance, today I’m working on a script to pile through all of my eBooks that I have been acquiring (North of 20k) and organize them by high-level genre for now. It’s an ugly bash script that utilizes a script called calisuck. Couple the script with some loops and now I have a way to iterate through all of my books and move them into folders for me to then sort them.

Next step is I need to dig through the metadata.json file for each eBook (these are acquired from “open” Calibre servers on the web afterall) and grab the Title and Author and start making some more intelligent sorting decisions. Ideally, all of this will land in a folder in SyncThing, so I can access them on my iPad.