After spending three years trying to conceive Charlie we learned a lot. We learned that inflamation is one of the largest causes of sickness or disease in our bodies, particularly when it comes to reproductive health. Not enough medical advice focuses on how you can remove inflamation from your body. Among many things we found when diving down the path to removing inflamation from our bodies was how poor indoor air quality can contribute to additional inflamation in your body, among many other issues like reduced cognitive function from CO2 exposure.

Since I love building things and tracking metrics, I started diving into what Indoor Air Quality metrics are important and how I might begin to monitor them. This is a very deep rabbit hole that I’ve been in for a long time. It lead me down the path of what goes into the manufacturing process of furniture in our home, to proper HVAC design and function (which I have lots of thoughts on), and thousands of dollars spent on different types of sensors.

A friend of mine has become just as interested in Indoor Air Quality as I am, so we’ve put together a company (Very Good Technologies) that will run the research, development, and eventual sale of our distributed IAQ sensor platform.