iPad Only Challenge

September 04, 2019

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love using my iPad for most of my workflow. For 99% of what I do, the iPad just works. Every iPad Only post you find on the internet is almost solely focused on writers. There are a few network engineers that I’ve found out there that have posted about going iPad Only as well, but for the most part, you only find writers talking about it. I think we need some more information about working solely on an iPad, so here’s my stab at it.

I’m a System Engineer (Sales Engineer), who spends most of his day designing Nutanix Clusters in our Sizing tool, responding to emails, and working on presentations for customers. Outside of work, I run this blog, build drums, and have a home lab that I need to manage.

Thinking about the various things I do on a daily basis, the iPad is a no brainer. I have an 11” iPad Pro w/ Cellular, using the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. My iPad is running the Beta of iPadOS, so it’s a bit buggy, but the new features in iPadOS I find make it much more functional as a day to day device. I tried the Brydge Pro keyboard, but prefer the Apple one, your mileage may vary.

Office Tasks

Office tasks are fairly basic:

Engineering Tasks

Most of my engineering tasks are handled through our web based sizing tool, but I also need to do a few other things.



My goal is to spend the next 30 days using my iPad as my sole machine. I will attempt to find workarounds and follow up in this post with any of the workarounds I needed.