You're Not Inadequate, Just Slow

December 03, 2019

As I’ve written about previously, I’m starting a new role. I’m a very self-critical person when it comes to productivity and I expect that I’ll exceed at getting the job done very quickly. There’s very few things in my previous role that would require a ton of my mind-space. If you do enough sizings, no matter the actual size, the outcome is - it’s easy.

Enter role change.

This is not easy. This is… whoa, very different. If I was slotting into another territory as a SE, no big deal. I’ve switched roles, meaning I’m no longer selling all of our products to a specific customer group, instead, I’m trying to do a million things that are unnamed, to more effectively market our products (in my case, Objects) to customers. Is this clear as mud? Yes, it is to me as well!

So for me, someone that is very self-critical, I’m wondering why I can’t just jump in and write that doc, do that thing. Figure out the org structure. Figure out what the role is. Honestly, everything feels like what Nutanix was 5 years ago… A start-up. I missed that, which is why I jumped at this role, but it isn’t easy. I’ve since switched to red-tape mode, but I’m so happy to feel that there’s still room in this company for coloring outside the lines. That’s what I’m looking forward to most, the room to do what the company needs, not what it says it needs. Most of all, I’m looking forward to… space.