These are the things that are occupying my time right now.


We’re stuck at home as is the rest of the world, although this is not a big problem for us as we enjoy being at home.

I’m working on getting our yard up to snuff, the previous owners really let it go. Overseeding, fertilizing, edging beds, clearing out old landscaping, etc.

I’m also rebuilding our Plex server now. I used it as an opportunity to learn Kubernetes. I’m considering writing a post about it, but not sure yet.


Nutanix Test Drive, all day every day. I’m currently building the automation to on-board Nutanix Objects into our Test Drive infrastructure. I’ll be writing about the Calm Blueprint I’ve been building to make all of this happen.

I’m still adjusting to a new team with a new focus, but I’m loving it.

Side Projects

I have three projects I’m focussing on: Live Music Archiving, Custom Home Automation sensors and an Open Source Scale-Out surveillance camera software stack.

I have a pretty large Live Music Archiving project I’m currently working on. The source is between 100TB and 150TB. I’m currently about 50% of the way done with downloading it, then there’s the cataloging and tagging. If you have Live Music recordings or bootlegs, please let me know!

The Home Automation Sensors are Raspberry Pi based, POE powered and have the ability to sense: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Light Levels, Dust Levels, VOCs, 360 Motion and several other things. I was unhappy with the Z-Wave sensors we have, so I decided to build my own. Unfortunately I had a catastrophic loss of code (long story), so I’ll be starting this project from scratch.

The surveillance camera software was primarily driven by being unhappy with the performance or interface of all of the open source surveillance software I’ve come across. We have a handful of IP cameras at our house and we need a good solution for monitoring them. So I’m building a scale-out platform utilizing Python, Flask, Redis and Kubernetes. The premise is that each camera will have it’s own worker container running OpenCV and then the load will be spread across my Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster. This is working as an MVP and is being tracked here.

Top of Mind