These are the things that are occupying my time right now.


We’re stuck at home as is the rest of the world, although this is not a big problem for us as we enjoy being at home.

We have a baby on the way, our first! Due in March, excited and terrified!


Nutanix Test Drive, all day every day. I’m currently building the automation to on-board Nutanix Objects into our Test Drive infrastructure. I’ll be writing about the Calm Blueprint I’ve been building to make all of this happen.

Side Projects

Not a lot of side projects right now, instead I’m focusing on some self-improvement.

I’ve been reading a lot more, journaling and sketching out random thoughts and ideas I have. When I say sketching them out, I mean I’m doing this stuff on paper. I spend too much time in front of a screen, so doing this on paper is really nice.

I signed up for a self-paced training to study for the LEED Green Associate and Accredited Professional exams. I’d like to get LEED certs by the end of 2021. It has absolutely nothing to do with my day job, but I’m interested in it so I figure, Why Not?