One Week In

I’m just a little more than one week in at my new job at Druva. It’s been a crazy week of meeting tons of people, trying to assess the state of content for my products, as well as learning how my products actually work. It’s so hard to go from being at a company for 6.5 years and knowing everyone and where everything is located to knowing virtually no one and nothing about where information is located.

The people at Druva have been warm and welcoming, there’s lots of interesting work to do, problems to solve, and more than enough to keep me and a team of people busy for a long time. The product is feature rich too, giving me lots of chances to put together interesting content.

With the new job, I’ve taken the opportunity to be a bit more organized in my note taking and time tracking. Each day, I start with a fresh note in Evernote. In that note I track rough timelines of what I work on throughout the day. For Meetings and Projects, they get a separate note, but are then linked to the daily digest using the in-app link system.

A Daily Digest note might look something like this:

08/30/2021 Daily Digest

The green links go to other notes for meetings or larger projects.

I’ve setup a Content request system through Google Forms for the Product Managers to use when they’re requesting something from the Tech Marketing team. The form creates a card on the “Incoming” list in our Trello Content board. From there, if we approve content to be created, the card is moved to the “Approved” list and a new note is automatically created in my Evernote for it. If the content isn’t mine to own, I just delete the note. If it is for me to own, I start putting together thoughts, screenshots, links, etc in the note to help me plan out the content.

The integration between systems is probably not necessary for a lot of people but it helps keep me focused on the tasks that matter, the content, rather than figuring out where information is. Evernote will be the extension of my brain that I need to continue to function. So much so, that I have over 40 notes from my first 6 days alone!

I would say that the first week or so has gone very well and I’m looking forward to the future here at Druva!