Personal Library Building

January 20, 2020

“Personal library building is a noble pursuit.” -Unknown

A few days ago I ran into the quote above and it really hit home. I’ve been slowly working on archiving my very large Dave Matthews Band live “tapes”, and it’s been trying to kill me the entire time. It’s a very tedious process, but I’ve found it has been very much worth it.

There’s something very fulfilling about knowing that your doing a small part to preserve a beautiful piece of history, even if you know you’re the only one that will ever access it. We live in such an ephemeral world now, owning nothing, not even sure if there will always be a backup of things in the future. It’s begun to really eat at me that we really have no control over our music anymore, our television, movies, any consumable media has been gated behind a monthly fee that you will lose access to immediately if you don’t continue to pay.

Of course, with this comes access to everything, but also nothing. For me, I’d rather have a smaller library that is well curated to my interests, rather than have access to every song ever. This fact is why I prefer paper books to digital (especially gated formats like Kindle) and buying music to renting.

As I continue to archive things, I will be sure to make any of the public domain stuff available under my archives, as well as make several personal copies. First, a copy on a hard drive, that I will offline once it’s full and put in a Pelican case in my basement. Second, a live copy on my home network. Third, an encrypted copy stored on Google Drive.

Build a library, a personal library. Make it something special. Take great pride in it. Books, Music, TV, Movies, any and all of it.