My neighbor has spent the last six months gardening. He has flourished during COVID and has loved every minute of focusing on something that matters to him, making a beautiful garden. He declared in June that “This will be the summer of positivity” and for the most part, he has been very positive. I realized recently that I need that in my life.

I’ve spent years on Twitter and other places online venting, ranting and being snarky. Snark is a great way to get upvotes and likes, but it’s not necessarily good for the soul. I’ve noticed in this same time period that I’ve lost a lot of the positivity I used to have. Part of that can be blamed on politics and the general state of the times, but other parts of it could be blamed on the snarkiness and general grumpiness I exhibit online.

If this behavior is affecting me, it’s absolutely affecting those who follow me. A while back I set up a tool that automatically deletes Tweets after they’re two weeks old. By tomorrow, my timeline should be empty since I disconnected from Twitter almost two weeks ago, meaning it’s a good time to start fresh. So I’m going to do the same here on my website, start fresh. I’ve had a lot of posts over the years that I’ve archived and I’ve never promised that stuff would stay up long term, so it’s all been archived for now.

I’m going to be focussing on being more positive online. I’m sure I won’t be perfect at it, but I’m going to try. I’ll still talk about technology and post things from time to time, but I want to write about things that are currently making me happy. Things that distract us from the three ring circus that is our planet right now. Things that uplift others.

I’m hoping to take my Twitter posts from snarky to positive, with the idea that it’ll make my little corner of the internet just a bit more positive for others. We don’t spend enough time lifting each other up and we should do more of that.