As always, I’ve got a few personal projects that I’m working on. This page will summarize what they are and where I’m at on them.

Spectare Video

A scale-out, open source, surveillance camera software platform.

Built With: Python, Redis, Flask, Kubernetes, and FFMPEG.

Status: Just getting started (2020/04/09). Working on MVP that scales out worker nodes for each camera in the Redis database.

Kilo Green Sensors

Destributed sensors, POE powered. Existing Home Automation sensors are junk and use Z-Wave. I don’t like using a protocol I don’t understand and I couldn’t find any Indoor Air Quality monitors that also had motion sensors built in, so I’m building them.

Built With: Raspberry Pis (will end up using Compute Pi) w/ POE Hats, Python, Redis, Flask, Various Sensors.

Status: Starting over again because my git repo got corrupted and I didn’t have a backup. I know, I know.