The following links are to products, services, or people that I would recommend to provide their respective services in a very reliable fashion. Some of the links might be affiliate links, providing me with a small payment if you choose to use their services, but most are just services I trust. For those that are affiliate links, I’ve noted below with an asterisk next to their name.

Digital Ocean *

Digital Ocean is where this blog is hosted alongside tons of my other projects. They offer an easy to use product with good performance and pricing. Use my referral code and get $100 free, to test Digital Ocean out!

Fastmail *

Fastmail is a great email provider that just works. It’s highly flexible when compared to Protonmail, enabling you to tie as many domains to the service as necessary without having to pay extra - extremely useful if you have lots of side projects like me. Use my affiliate link to get 10% Fastmail today!

Theraputic Touch Massage

Lisa is a fantastic massage therapist that my wife and I have been going to for years. She has spent tons of time training in Thailand and the United States and focuses on actual therapy for your body, rather than just massage. She’s a wonderful person and very easy to get along with. I would highly recommend Lisa if you’re looking for a massage therapist located in Columbus, OH.


Polywork is an awesome replacement for LinkedIn. It focuses more on what you actually do in your job than being a glorified CV. Use my referral code to skip the waitlist and join immediately.

Trevor Custom Homes

Steve, the owner of Trevor Custom Homes, is a great general contractor who you can trust to get the job done. He did our nearly entire home remodel, including addition, which you can see on his website. If you work with Steve, it’ll be a handshake deal with a rough estimated costs. He’s always in contact with you keeping you up to date on any changes or issue they run into. His sub-contractors are all solid and do a great job. We will be using Steve again soon to redo our Master Bathroom, one of the last projects left in the house.