Respect Your Readers

December 07, 2019

Maybe it’s because I’m slightly grumpy, maybe it’s because the internet has lost it’s weirdness - and I miss that - but I’m tired of getting my “news” and “reading” through user hating sites like Medium. You can also add in almost every News website out there. The more local, the worse it is.

If I click on a link and am not immediately presented with the content that I went there looking for, I’m gone. I will spend less than a second on your site - no joke. No, “Pardon the Interruption”, no I won’t pardon your interruption, I don’t want to sign in. I don’t want to pay to read a WSJ article. Put a simple, well targeted ad based on the content, and I’m fine. I know you want to track me all around the internet, I’m just not going to allow it.

Below you’ll see a few screenshots from mobile of my local newspaper’s website, I’m not even sure where the content is. The first shot is the home page, the second is on an article.


You’ll see on the article, I cannot even read it without signing in! Well, screw it, I didn’t care that much anyways.

This frustration, coupled with bullshit like AMP, I highly suggest you read How to fight back against Google AMP, has lead me to stop visiting any and all sites that practice this form of content hostage taking. For news sites and content creators that actually own the content that they host, there’s some merrit to this, but for fucks sake, figure out a way to let your readers read! For people that post on Medium, it takes nearly zero effort to post on something like Ghost instead. Seriously, spend the extra few minutes to get it setup.

What you’ll never see on my site:

What you will see:

That’s all I have. Adios.