Samsung 860 EVO Mounting Screws

July 27, 2019

I recently found myself trying to mount my Samsung 860 EVO SSDs in my Nutanix Community Edition node (an old Supermicro box). When I grabbed my hard drive mounting screws from the bin, I realized that they don’t fit the thin 7mm Samsung SSDs. I checked far and wide in my house but couldn’t quite find the right screw to mount my SSD into the hard drive tray. For a brief moment I thought about double sided tape, but I just wasn’t super hot on the idea of (4) 4TB SSDs being mounted with tape.

Off to Microcenter I went and found some screws that fit.


Now, the 1/4” length only worked on the side mounting holes, but if used on the bottom mounting holes it was just a bit too long. I would recommend looking at 3/16” for the bottom mounting holes.

I couldn’t find great guidance that seemed to agree on the size of the screws online, so I figured I’d dump this here for anyone in need.