Staying in Contact


My wife tells me all the time how terrible I am at keeping in contact with people and maintaining a relationship with them. The truth is, it’s a bad byproduct of being an introvert, but it’s something I’d like to improve upon. So in order to help myself improve in this process, I’ve put together a bit of a system around it, which I’ll keep private for now to ensure it actually works.

I will be contacting folks through email, it’s the easiest way for me to do it and keep it managed. It’s also a much more convenient way for others to respond, when they have the time. I’m all about asyncronous communication these days as I try to vere more away from interrupt driven tasks to enable myself to focus on what matters.

My responses will be slow, by most standards, but I will respond to every email that I receive, in time. My SLA will vary, but I promise all emails will be replied to within 2 weeks.

Anyways, I figured I’d write this up, just so people knew why I started emailing them out of the blue. If you want to start a conversation, send me an email wk at thisdomain, we can talk about anything you’d like. I’m always curious to hear about things people are working on, side projects, home life, philosophy, etc.