A massively scalable, live music management and enjoyment platform, focused on giving you the tools you need to manage your live music archive.

This tool started as a passion project for me, Wes Kennedy, when I embarked on creating my own archive of the Etree Live Music Archive. Among various reasons, I wanted to ensure that I had a massive collection of live music that I could listen to at any point.

Unfortunately, lots of tools break or become unusable when you scale them to tens of millions of files. Plex, was the first tool I tried, but the database buckled under the pressure and modifying the metadata in the Plex UI does nothing for the actual metadata associated with the file. Roon, well - it’s not made for live music, and the search feature is 100% useless at the scale that I work. Insert $ALLOFTHEMEDIALIBRARIES here and none of them could really do what I needed them to, well.

So, I’m going to build my own. I’ve spent almost a decade working in the storage industry, have dealt with distributed platforms for most of that time too, so I think I can probably figure this one out.

I would love to be able to handle my huge library using a Digital Ocean Droplet using Rclone to mount my storage on GSuite. For now, I don’t intend on storing 200TB+ locally, as I don’t want to drop that kind of coin on hard drives.