Vacationing During a Pandemic


One man’s furlough is another man’s vacation. My company has two furlough weeks planned this year, last week was one of them. It’s unfortunate to get furloughed, but it was a smart move by our executives to help ensure that we can protect our employees and our company.

So last week, I got to take a staycation. I didn’t hop on a plane, I didn’t drive to a cabin (although maybe I should have), I just hung out at home. Not a lot changed in our daily schedule and I think that affected me.

I don’t feel any more rested than when I left the week before. Yesterday, Sunday, I began to get anxious about the week ahead. This weeks is a pretty busy one for me, but normally it wouldn’t have affected me the way it did. I don’t stress about work, there’s always more of it, it rarely slows down, things can and do go wrong from time-to-time, but over-all, I don’t stress about it. Yesterday, I stressed about it.

I know things will be fine this week. I know a good portion of my co-workers were also on furlough last week, so deliverables could slip. At the end of the day, I think there was something different about having a staycation during a furlough, during a pandemic. My brain didn’t relax. I tried to distract myself with projects, with books, with shows… In the end, nothing could relax me.

So, chalk this up to another thing that the pandemic messes with your mind about, your time off.