What If?

Warning: This is a political post. It reflects my personal viewpoints. It most likely contains some language because that's what politics does to me. You will most likely disagree with some - or all - of this post, and that's okay. We're allowed to disagree. Please don't come looking for a fight though, because I won't engage.

What if - we took care of people - instead of corporations?

What if - instead of giving police billions of dollars worth of millitary hardware - we invested in mental health professionals to be on patrol with every single officer?

What if - we made sure that each and every person had healthcare - instead of this predatory system that causes people to be afraid to go to the hospital or doctor?

What if - we were a place of innovation - intead of the butt of every joke on the world stage?

What if - we punished murderers (cops) - instead of giving them loop hole after loop hole?

What if - our politicians actually represented the people - rather than career politicians who are never in their home districts?

What if - we cared more about people’s health - rather than what’s between their legs or who’s in their bed?

What if.