Whisky Tastings

August 10, 2019

I love Whisky, specifically Scotch. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy whisk(e)y in all it’s various forms including bourbon, rye, Irish Whiskey, Japanese Whiskey and others, but I will always go for a Scotch before all of the others. My love affair with Scotch was not love at first drink, it took months of work. It took hundreds of dollars to find what I was looking for. Most of all, it took education. Understanding how to drink it, where to drink it, and the background of the liquid.

In learning how to drink Scotch, there’s no better post than by Matt Gemmell, simply titled Whisky. Please stop reading this and go read his post, then we’ll continue.

In my love of drinking whisky, I’ve started to put together tasting notes for myself as I’m drinking. I also have an arbitrary rating system that I use, scaling from 0-100. You’ll see me start to put a weekly tasting up on Sunday nights, that will target a different bottle each time. I want to start to expand my palate before embarking on a side project I’ve been working on.

The first tasting I posted on my site was a few weeks ago, Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, but I’m going to start becoming a little more regimented in how I put together the posts and handle the activity of tasting.