I’ve done a few rounds of 100 Days of Code in the past, but never really made it past 2 weeks. Part of the reason for that failure is the weekend portion - I don’t like to computer on the weekend since I computer very hard during the week.

I decided it would be a really good use of my time to work on my Indoor Air Quality platform as a part of my attempt at 100 Days of Code. It’s the next step for me in my career, so I need a way to force my effort.

There are two parts to making my IAQ platform successful, the sensors themselves, and the backend system.

Day 1

Today was focused on getting my dev sensor put together and booted. This one is just sitting on my desk naked, since I have a 3D print tying up my printer right now and I haven’t been able to print an enclosure. I worked on getting some of the baseline items setup for the test sensor, such as:

  • Static IP
  • SSH Authentication
  • Syncthing to copy over code
  • Docker install

Tomorrow I will work on starting to pull data from just one of the sensors and spit it out to the terminal via print() in Python.