Wes Kennedy


I love being with my wife and son, creating interesting things, drinking whiskey, helping people with their careers, hacking on stuff, improving our world, and archiving live music.

I exchange labor for money at NVIDIA, where I am a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer for our DPU and DOCA products.

What's a DPU? It's a tremendously smart NIC that contains an ARM processor and co-processors, while DOCA is an SDK to make the DPU do cool things.

Previously I've spent time at Druva, Nutanix, Carenection, and Language Access Network.

I've worn a number of hats over the years including: Virtualization Engineer, Lead Architect, SE, and of course now a TME.

I'm passionate about air quality, particularly about it's effect on our health.

My wife and I have spent years learning about the effects the products we use in our daily lives have on our bodies.

That knowledge has lead to us building a distributed Indoor Air Quality system that monitors the air quality in your home and provides alerting based on an AI model.