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This site needed a small dark site makeover

Led Zeppelin Live Shows

Here's a tree output of my Led Zeppelin shows I've archived.

Transmission Impossible Bootlegs

Here's a tree output of my Transmission Impossible Bootlegs I've archived.

Vacationing During a Pandemic

Staycation... not vacation. I'm not stupid.

March 68th

Today is March 68th - because time means nothing now. I joke, but my head is a mess.

Using Kubernetes CronJobs

In my ever expanding deep dive into Kubernetes, I decided it was time to move over my backup jobs to it as well. So, it was time to learn K8s CronJobs.

100 Days of Coding

In order to help drive myself to code more and maybe make some headway on Spectare, I've decided to start the 100 Days of Coding challenge.

VSCode on my iPad Pro

I've switch to VSCode on my Mac for most of my daily editor things, so I wanted to come up with a way to have that same experience on my iPad Pro for when I'm on the go.

Staying in Contact

I'm absolutely terrible at keeping in contact with people. I'm going to start staying in contact more often.

Launched: exitvim.today

I built a small website to help you quit vim.

Taking Back Tuesday

There were more meetings than time for actual work on my calendar. So I spent some time analyzing and re-arranging my weeks so I could have time to get real work done. I took back Tuesday... and a bit more.


It was finally time I sit down to learn Regex and I had the perfect project to apply that new-found knowledge to.


Climate change is an emergency and we can't ignore it anymore. Time to focus on the science and back away from the political bs.

SSH Knowledge


Below you’ll find my SSH tips and tricks. These are mostly as a note to myself, but you might find them interesting.