A while back I posted about job hunting while ADHD, and I’m happy to report that I was able to make it work! I am now a Principal Technical Marketing Engineer for SingleStore, where I will be focusing on bringing powerful messaging, connecting with developer communities, and creating lots of content for our customers.

Over the last few years I’ve really spent a lot of time honing in on what I want in a company, the exact criteria I’ll save for another post, but for today I’m just going to focus on the Why for SingleStore.

SingleStore is at a key inflection point where they have an extremely functional product, happy customers, and a great team, but they’re needing to move away from traditional marketing lead growth (or put another way, expensive growth), and more towards Product Lead Growth. Thankfully, they’ve brought on one of the best in the business for PLG, Madhukar Kumar to be their CMO.

Madhukar and I spoke a few times last year when he was at DevRev about me coming aboard, but the timing wasn’t quite right. When we re-connected in January, the time was right. He had moved on to SingleStore and was looking to bring on some additional Technical Marketing help and resources. My history in infrastructure and development, as well as Business Critical Applications, makes for a great fit in the organization and the role will be challenging enough to push me - something I find very important in my career.

I have spent my entire career focusing on infrastructure, specifically enterprise datacenter infrastructure, virtualization, storage, and automation. Moving up the stack into applications and databases is something that I have been wanting to do to push myself, and SingleStore offers me that opportunity. Databases don’t scare me, but it’s a whole new language to learn, a whole new set of business challenges, and a whole new set of customers to connect with.

Between the challenge, and how amazing every single person was that I spoke to during my interview process, it was very easy for me to decide to come work at SingleStore.

In the few days I’ve worked here, it’s become abundantly clear that this was the right move for me. I wake up excited to work, which is a feeling I haven’t had in some time. Each meeting (of which there are very few), my decision is validated by how wonderful the people are, how smart they are, and how excited they are to truly make the product better for their customers and the employees.

The learning curve for me will be steep, at least from a technology standpoint, but the day-to-day is a perfect fit for the way my head works. In my opinion, that makes for an excellent person/job fit. I’m excited to see what we can buld together here at SingleStore, and you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more content being released from me over the coming weeks and months as I get to know and understand the technology.