I’ve done a few rounds of 100 Days of Code in the past, but never really made it past 2 weeks. Part of the reason for that failure is the weekend portion - I don’t like to computer on the weekend since I computer very hard during the week.

I decided it would be a really good use of my time to work on my Indoor Air Quality platform as a part of my attempt at 100 Days of Code. It’s the next step for me in my career, so I need a way to force my effort.

There are two parts to making my IAQ platform successful, the sensors themselves, and the backend system.

Previous Days

  • Day 1 - Getting the infrastructure setup for development
  • Day 2 - Getting basic data out of Temp/Hum sensor, figuring out scope for others
  • Day 3 - Publish data to InfluxDB
  • Day 4 - Handled some errors in the publisher, got CouchDB up adn running
  • Day 5 - Slack bot alerts!

Day 6

Today was all about orchestration and deployment. Thinking about the lifecycle of a sensor from beginning to end. Things that we’ll need to think about:

  • Initial preparation before shipment
  • OOB Experience
  • Customer Registration
  • Health of sensor
  • Software updates (alert mechanism, polling?)
  • Factory Reset
  • Decommissioning

Additionally, we’ll want to think about deletion of data for customers. I was not able to tackle all of these things today, so I focused primarily on sensor health, hoping it may give me more insight any instability in the platform. It took a litte more effort than I expected to put together, but I ended up with a few pieces that come together to give a good picture of nodea health.

Local REST API on each container that listens at container:8080/health and returns a related health information about that particular container.

Docker Container Info is pulled using py-docker. I pull a bunch of relevant details about the container name, the specific tag they’re using, processes running in container, etc. All of this really pieces together a good picture about the health of the nodes.

Pretty productive day, I’m very happy about it.