I’m very tired.

My wife is very tired.

My son, is not. He’s amped up.

How is this even close to fair? Being an adult is dumb. We worry about work, our relationships, laundry, feeding our children, our pets, bills, taxes (oh, I need to follow up on that), home repairs, retirement, healthcare, working out… SO many things.

Meanwhile, little dude wakes up, gets fed, and is off to the races. Not a care in the world except, what is this? This looks interesting.

Everything is interesting. Everything is food.

I strive to be more like him. I want to be more interested in the world. Instead, it’s a fight to stay caffeinated, fed, and happy.

I’d like to do the bare minimum today, but instead, there’s 6 hours of meetings on my calendar. On a Monday. Animals.