My wife and I have been talking about a feeling we both have been having on and off for the greater part of the last year, there is a huge change in our near future. Yes, having Charlie was a huge change, but this is something else which we haven’t completely identified yet. This feeling is exciting and terrifying.

Most likely this change is us relocating to another part of the United States, or becoming more likely each day, another part of the World.

With each passing day, we’re both having a hard time justifying raising a child in this country. A country that is rapidly accepting fascism and autocracy. We both are highly aware that the grass isn’t always greener, but having different experiences in life is very important, and providing our son with as many of those experiences as we can is our number one goal. The values that we’re seeing displayed by our country as a whole do not match the values that we want to share with our son. So, we both have this feeling of huge looming change, and we feel this could be it.

There’s also a feeling I have that my days in the tech industry are numbered. The hamster wheel has been spinning pretty fast for a while now and this hamster is tired. I wonder how much good the tech industry is doing in the world versus just creating and feeding the mechanisms of capitalism and consumption. We have so much intelligence wrapped up in this industry, but such a small percentage of it is focused on our climate emergency or improving the lives of people. So there’s a part of me that feels that I will be largely moving on from the tech industry and starting my own company focused on Indoor Air Quality. Currently we’re unable to make this huge change without my wife going back to work, so I don’t see this happening any time soon - but maybe someday.

One, both, or none of these things could happen, but either way, there’s change in the air and we don’t know what it’s going to be. Life always has a way of surprising us, embrace it. It’s exciting. It’s terrifying. It’s welcome.