Since I wrote Moving Countries a Thought Exercise several things have changed: I no longer work for Druva, our home equipment has simplified a bit further, and probably a few other things I don’t remember at the moment.

As always, you can see a full debrief of the gear I use here.

All computers and servers will be backed up and wiped before transportation.

Backup Methods

All machines will be backed up in the following manner:

  • BorgBase
  • Borg to USB SSD 1
  • Borg to USB SSD 2
  • Borg to secondary NAS at friend’s house

The backup USB SSDs will be placed into two Pelican 1400 Protector Cases. Each case will have two SSDs. One case will ship to a friend in Arkansas, while the other will follow us a week or so after we move.



This mother-trucker is big, heavy, and very expensive. At 20”x19”x8” it’ll take a seriously large Pelican Case to transport it. The machine has (2) A6000 graphics cards, a DPU, and a PCI slot NVMe expander that will need to be removed and packed separately.

The Boxx will fit in a Pelican 1640 Protector Transport Case, while the PCI cards will be wrapped in anti-static bags and placed in a Pelican 1460 Protector Case.


This laptop will most likely be upgraded before any move like this, but the new one will be treated the same way. I will pack it in a Pelican 1440 Top Load Protector Case along with my work 16” MacBook Pro and my wife’s MacBook.


Just like my personal laptop, I will pack it in a Pelican 1440 Top Load Protector Case.


The drives will be pulled out of the NAS and then it will be placed in a Pelican 1610 Protector Case. The drives will be put in ORICO 3.5” Hard Drive Cases and stored in the 1610 with the NAS.