A little over a week ago I posted this Tweet:

When I posted that tweet, there were maybe a dozen or so folks that reached out to check in on me and have continued to do so every few days.

Let me tell you, disconnecting from Twitter has been really tough for me. Not because I can no longer doom-scroll for hours on end, but because I’ve been mostly disconnected from a huge community of folks that I’ve come to rely on. The twitchiness of needing to check Twitter every time I had a spare moment passed pretty quickly, but the yearning to talk to my friends on there still exists.

The tech community on Twitter is one that is full of great people who truly care about each other. There are some ugly factions out there, but in large, it’s a supportive community. I’ve met so many good folks who truly want to help support me in my career, my life, and anything else that comes up.

I can say that I’ve been less stressed in the last few days as I’ve pulled back to focus on my day to day and really determine what is important in life. What I’ve found its that my Twitter community is very important to me and will continue to be a part of my life.

I’m still going to continue with my planned month off of Twitter, so I’ll see y’all on 5/4!