I’m going to start out this post by saying, I don’t believe billionaires should exist. I believe you should be taxed into oblivion the close you get to that third comma. I firmly believe that most billionaires do the world far more harm than good.

I’m also going to acknowledge up front that I do own a Tesla vehicle. It’s a good car and checked the boxes for what my family was looking for at the time. There were a few other options on the table at the time, but none checked all of the boxes like our Model Y did. It has lots of problems, but fewer overall problems than any ICE vehicle we’ve had in the past. That said, I don’t believe we will be buying another Tesla in the future - not because of the car - because of Musk.

Elon has a way of fucking everything up that he touches. And by that, I mean, he intentionally fucks with international stock markets, manipulates and takes advantage of his employees, sidles up with war mongerers (utin), xenophobes (rump), and many other awful humans. He’s made billions on the backs of manipulative deals that end up fucking over many people.

With Musk finally taking the reigns of Twitter, I’m once again sitting back and deciding what this means. In the short term it means more bots, openly racist/transphobic/homophobic, and abusive people will be back on Twitter. This includes #45. This means that a site that he has called the “town square” over and over again, will in fact be the town square of fascism and hatred.

Why would he want to own Twitter anyways? It’s continually struggled to make a profit and is far more Left leaning than he certainly is. He wants to own it for two reasons: power and influence. None of this is about making Twitter a more equal place for people of all beliefs, it’s about giving Elon (and his right leaning comrads) a place where they can influence 100’s of millions of people - unchecked.

This is not the Twitter that I want.

So as of today, I’ve removed Twitter from my phone. You’ll probably see me there from time to time, but I won’t be there often.

Where will I be? Here - mostly. I’ll be trying to post more often and I’m considering ways to make things more interactive here, but I’m trying not to go the traditional comment direction. I’ve created the brain dump area, where I’m micro-blogging things throughout the day. And finally, there’s old school methods of communication: wk [at] thisdomain.