I’ve done a few rounds of 100 Days of Code in the past, but never really made it past 2 weeks. Part of the reason for that failure is the weekend portion - I don’t like to computer on the weekend since I computer very hard during the week.

I decided it would be a really good use of my time to work on my Indoor Air Quality platform as a part of my attempt at 100 Days of Code. It’s the next step for me in my career, so I need a way to force my effort.

There are two parts to making my IAQ platform successful, the sensors themselves, and the backend system.

Previous Days

  • Day 1 - Getting the infrastructure setup for development
  • Day 2 - Getting basic data out of Temp/Hum sensor, figuring out scope for others
  • Day 3 - Publish data to InfluxDB
  • Day 4 - Handled some errors in the publisher, got CouchDB up adn running
  • Day 5 - Slack bot alerts!
  • Day 6 - Health Checks babay!
  • Day 7 - Ansible and other things for a friend’s project
  • Vacation - I’m on vacation so haven’t been coding much
  • Day 8 - Makefile to test, build, push multiple docker containers to Github registry
  • Day 9 - Large refactor to use Flask API instead of reading results from files.
  • Day 10 - Bug hunting and logging

Day 11

Today I’ve moved on to another related project, specifically our IAQ-BADGE product. I’ll be attending a 20k person conference at the end of the month and I wanted to take an Aranet4 and our IAQ Badge with me to see how everything stacks up - and to keep me safe.

I spent about two hours mocking up the hardware (Raspberry Pi Pico and Waveshare ePaper display) to try and get stuff displaying on the screen. I failed at that task, but learned a lot about micropython. I really enjoy working with the Raspberry Pi Picos. Looking forward to testing out the w model I have as well. I’m actually curious if we’d be able to migrate the regular sensor over to a Pico, but I’m not sure if it has the horsepower to handle everything we’re doing.

Anyways, here’s the commit I pushed today, with mocked up code. I’m mostly waiting on morning to come to re-solder everything and give it another go - I think I have everything wired incorrectly.

Today’s Commit